Mario Melazzini at the University of Rome to debate the right of life

It can be defined as a “special lesson” and took place on 24 may 2018 at the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. In fact, it was a meeting among experts to reflect on the different ethical, legal, social, medical deontological aspects related to patients with incurable diseases. The reflection focused on the concept of “right to life” of a minor affected by one of these pathologies, after having referred to the recent cases of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard. Mario Melazzini intervened during the meeting, bringing his testimony and emphasizing how too often the terms “incurable” and “untreatable” are mistakenly used. Mario Melazzini wanted to focus on “all those people who live day by day with the disease” and on children “suffering from diseases similar to little Alfie, having no specific therapies”. Mario Melazzini called them stories which have one thing in common: hope”. Mario Melazzini has commented that “life is a matter of looks and hope: what today we think is not possible, tomorrow who knows.” The most important job to be pursued at this moment is recognising the dignity of existence of every human being, in full compliance with equality in case of disease and disability to avoid situations which lead to marginalization and discrimination in society. As underlined by Raffaele Calabrò, President of the University and also moderator for the occasion of the meeting, the seminar presented the points of view of various international experts, starting from an “eminently secular” perspective.